Released in May 2014 and featuring: Anita Wardell (vocals), Dave O'Higgins (saxes), Mike Gorman (piano), Oli Hayhurst (bass) and Tristan Mailliot (drums).


 Anita Wardell (vocals), Dave O'higgins (saxes), Mike Gorman (piano), Oli Hayhurst (bass) an Tristan Mailliot (drums).

That's All (Brandt-Haymes), Lament (Johnson), The Lamp Is Low (DeRose/Shefter), Flor De Lis (Djavan), I Love You (Porter), Throw It Away (Lincoln), Blue Monk (Monk) and Jinrikisha (Henderson).

The album was recorded at JVG studio in Brixton in February 2013. It was enginned, mixed and mastered by Dave O'Higgins. Total playing time, 42:22.


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Tristan Mailliot writes:

Since 2004 I've had the opportunity to choose some of the best players and vocalists in the UK to join me in France every summer for the Loire Jazz Summer School. As the courses have grown and the musical bond between the tutors deepened, it was a natural development to play and tour together back in the UK. The impetus came from Steve Crocker of Leeds Jazz who helped set up our first tour.

Anita Wardell has participated in every summer school since 2004. I have been privileged to record two other albums with her, and once again she displays her superb range of moods from sultry ballads to exciting up tempo improvisations.

Dave O'Higgins, whose deep and swinging sax playing is on full display through this CD, is also an accomplished recording engineer with a fantastic studio. It therefore seemed an obvious idea to go into the studio and record some of the tunes we all enjoy playing.

It's always a pleasure to play in a swinging rhythm section and Mike Gorman and Oli Hayhurst are two of the best. Great friends and Loire colleagues too.

The recording session itself was done in one day. It had an old time and relaxed feel to it with everyone in the same room, just a couple of microphones on the drum kit and minimal editing.

About the music: just a collection of great jazz tunes and a couple of latin ones. Arrangement were done on the spot and everyone was on top form.

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